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Let me set the stage ........BF and I together for 4 years, living together for the past 3.

We were on the verge of breaking up not too long ago and are trying to work things out. ONE of his bad habits is money ...he spends WAY too much money on nothing. Literally, nothing. He gives me a set amount of money each time he gets paid (every two weeks) and then lives off the remainder for the next two weeks until he gets paid, but it's usually gone within 3 - 5 days. And I'm not talking a small amount either.

I ended up getting a second job because I want to BUY the house I'm in now and not just rent forever, and since he can't save, I decided I would do it myself.

I've been working 2 jobs for about 4 months now, Mon - Fri - my full time job and Thurs, Friday, Sat, Sun nights in a local pub. I've been pulling in alot of money each weekend that I've been saving.

Now, first off........he acts like I have so much money that when he runs out I should let him "borrow" (which never gets paid back). Umm....I'm working my behind off for a purpose and just because he has spending habits doesn't mean I should be paying the price .......

Last night I noticed my computer was running very slow. (I work in IT) so I started looking around, cleaning out folder, files, etc. Come across a folder with 672 porn clips in the folder !! WHAT !! Actual movie clips. I delete them out .......thinking it's my 15 year old son ........tell BF what my son has done and that I'm going to have to have a talk with him, and BF admits it's not son, its' him.

Now I do not have an issue with someone looking at porn, but 672 movie clips downloaded to MY computer. The one my son uses. How embarrassing ..what if he saw them? uugghhh

I tried to discuss this with BF last night but it seems whenever we have a "discussion" it turns in to this huge argument because he instantly feels attacked and starts attacking me to get the "focus" off of him. I try to keep it where it's supposed to be and it just keeps turning.

The conversation started with, please don't download and save that to the computer, son uses that computer and I don't want him knowing / thinking that's what you're doing. Which turned in to him saying "Well, if I'd get more sex I wouldn't have to do this" ..........Which turns to me saying "What are you talking about"..........which turns in to me working two jobs, money, saving, etc. this a male trait, an immature trait or what? Have you encountered this and do you have issues keeping the focus on the actual issue at hand?

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