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Nov 4, 2006
Ive been with my current boyfriend for just over 2 and half years now and we have the best relationship, prob comes when I want to talk about the "future" like getting a house/engaged/if he wants kids etc.. he doesnt want to know and avoids the question, this is really upsetting me as I love him so much and I dont want to be in a relationship if he doesnt see us going anywhere.. he says he loves me but if I bring this up he says he doesnt want all this now, but I am not asking for it now, am talking about the not to distant future as I am 27yrs old and he is 24 (he does act older than me and I act younger lol)

Am I being out of order??? He wont talk about this and if i try it ends up in me in tears as we have a row..

I dont know what to do.. I would like to have something to look forward to, and aim for but now my future is just "blank" as I dont know where I stand :(
Re: Confused
Nov 4, 2006
Thank you both for your views on my problem.. :)

My boyfriend is the most loving, caring man.. he does look in my eyes when I try to talk about it.. and he has got a very good job which he has had for the past year..

We have I suppose the "perfect" relationship, we get on so well, have the same likes and dislikes, he is very affectionate.. we are only apart when we are at work and if he go out like to the pub or even shopping he never leaves me behind!! he always says I love you evertime he text messages me or when we are on the phone.. but this "future" business is the big problem that I just dont understand..

How can he be like this with me and then when I bring up the "future" he cant give me any answers, its breaking my heart :(

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