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So this situation is about a month old but I revived ths out of my frustration.
If you read it from the start, you can see that this guy and I were getting along really well for about a month before he found out he was going abroad for 6 mos. and broke it off (makes sense). He reiterated multiple times that he really wanted to stay in touch and if possible, catch up when he got back (or at least see where things stood). He even left this sweet voicemail, answering a question I had about a website and again saying how he didnt want to lose touch with me, and he "DEFINITELY didnt want to stop contact with me". He had a bit of a dorky side which made me feel he was genuinely sincere. I never once felt that he wasnt telling the truth or was strinigng me along.

Well, he had also said how he was so busy (he went to London over the holidays) and how he meant to write me back from a very sweet email I had sent him. He must have told me this at least 3 tmes (Im so busy, I will get back to you...Im so sorry, but I really will..) I didnt even ask him for a reply, but he kept bringing it up.

Ok well I know that hes back from London now. And still- nothing. Its been a month- 2 weeks after he had repeatedly apologized for not getting back to me yet. A week ago I even sent him a short and breezy email just inviting him to stop by a party I am throwing at my apt. if he wanted to, before he took off to Paris for 6 months, as it would be nice to see him. Maybe a 3 line email, nothing serious.

He hasnt replied. I cant get over it! Why emphasize over and over again that you really dont want to lose contact with me, and then ignore 2 of my emails??! Its not like Im harassing him- Ive sent him 2 emails, one that had a specific purpose, and then a few little messages on 'my space' saying hi or whatever. He responds to all my my space messages- he even called me in response to one (thats what the voicemail I mentioned was regarding). But with my emails, nothing. Its like I never sent them.

Why?? Ive written him off now. Im not going to keep intiating contact to be ignored, and Im definitely not going to call him out (although Im tempted to ask him "why say all that cra* if you're going to ignore my emails?"). That will just look like Im desperate.

I just dont get it. :confused: Ive gotten the hint, but I didnt think that there was any 'hint' to get. And its not even so much the guy, b/c I mean, my god I hvent even talked to him in weeks. Im just irritated over the prinicipality I guess. Why waste his time when he could have easily just cut things off instead of giving me the repeated "I really plan to keep in touch with you" spiel?

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