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I met this guy a month ago, in the sweetest way. My friends and i were sitting at a bar in a restaurant waiting for our table, my friend mentioned some guy was checking me out for at least 15 min, so I started talking to him. Eventually I invited him to eat with us, he did, and it was all great from there :)

He was seriously one of the most genuine, sweetest guys Ive met, and I feel like Im being crazy b/c ive known him such a short time. But I just had a gut instinct about him. He called me when he said he would, and even called me the next day after meeting me and set up a dinner date. He also invited me to his apt. where he cooked me dinner, and he also went 30 min out of his way that night to meet me after my class, and went with me to take me to his apt. (since I didnt know the way). At the end of the night he walked me to the subway and waited for the train with me. I have not met a guy like this, well...I dont think ever, and despite all of that, we were amazingly compatible in so many ways- intelligence-wise, we both speak Spanish as our 2nd language, we both have the same views on people, religion, etc. etc...everything we talked about was always met with this "wow, we r so compatible" on each of our parts. He was the type to also stop me mid-sentence and tell me how honest I was, how cute I was, how rare of a person I was, etc.

So, now that ive described him as far as what Ive seen, he told me tonight that he got accepted to some prestigious program abroad and that he will be leaivng in Jan. for 6 months. Its an opportunity he cant turn down of course. And he shouldnt. But I was shocked and very disappointed- even though I just met him. Of course, me, living by my emotions, said that it was ok and that we'd still hang out until Jan. before he left and just have a good time. But he basically said that he thought we were so compatible and that he really liked me, but he felt that if we got together before he left, we would be moving things in the wrong direction, as its impossible for us to be together right now. Which makes perfect sense...but it was upsetting to hear. Plus he is not going to be in the city more than 3 more weeks from this point, due to the holidays and so forth.

He also said that, as much as he does like me, he feels like he doesnt know me all that well and that we don't have this huge foundation to keep things going on while he is gone. Again, makes sense and I agree.

But he did say he wanted to keep in touch. Now, I know how the 'keep in touch' spiel goes...

To give him credit, he does genuinely seem like he wants to...he seems very genuine about almost everything, as am I. I told him straight out that if he didnt want to, we didnt have to, and I didnt want him to feel like i was in his way or that he had to be obligated to keep in touch with me as a way to soften the news. He said that was not the case, but that he didnt want obligations and rather wanted to just let what happens happen. He mentioned that he felt bad, as if he was being deceptive about never telling me about the program...but he didnt think he would get in and just found out this weekend. I dont think he was being deceptive at all, clearly he wasnt planning this. Just goes to show how sweet he is. Sigh.

This sucks. He is the first guy Ive met (since Ive been dealing with my breakup this past year) that I actually felt was better for me than my ex. He even held my hand while I slept (although I never had sex with him- he said he wanted to wait for that, too).

So this whole 'keeping in touch' thing. I dont know, I just feel like people say that, but this is 8 months we are talking about here, and weve known each other one. Which was the point he was making, and hes right. But I am just so disappointed! I think Im trying to protect myself by just cutting things off in my mind now instead of harboring hope, as is he, seemingly. Yes, he could have easily turned into a psycho tomorrow and I dont know much about him, but I think part of me will be thinking 'what-if' for quite a long time. He even said he wants to see each other when he gets back, but that Id "probably have a boyfriend by then" (ha! funny...). I mean, he will be moving back here right into his same apt., and I'll still be living here in mine...but thats a long way away.

I dont know what Im looking for by posting this, b/c theres nothing I can do. Obviously, I agree with everything he is saying...but Im just saddened by all this. Part of me thinks that we could keep in touch and see where things go, but for the most part Im just thinking this keep in touch thing is just going to turn into what it always does- losing touch. Any thoughts? I guess Im just looking for your opinions.

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