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It's A-OKAY to have a friends with benefits relationship with someone IF your're both on the same level!!! Meaning you both TOTALLY understand that you two will basically be having sex, and that's it. That's what a friends with benefits is. If you two were just hanging out and no sex then that's just a friend. If you guys are hanging out and having sex, then you better believe your feelings aren't going to stay on the 'friend' level. If you don't want the emotional stuff hey that's okay, but you better hope it stays like that. Most girls/woman can't just have a "friends with benefits" because we end up falling... dang us girls lol.

It's fine to have that type of relationship with someone if you agree with it. You're friend who said your basically just getting played by dude could be wrong or right. She's right if you want more than that type of relationship and he just wants to have "fun" with you. She's wrong if that's the type of relationship you want also...

Be safe and have fun.....
charlotte, you said it yourself. "I'm really into this guy"...."I told him I liked him", if he had said yes, obviously you two would be dating. If he'd said he likes you too and wants you to be his girlfriend, you'd be right there ready to be in a relationship. So, contrary to what you say in your later post, you DO want a relationship, or you wouldn't have said anything to this guy at all! Are you even friends with this guy, or is he just someone you've met recently who you decided you like?

If you want to go on believing that you're happy just getting sex out of this guy and nothing else, go right ahead and jump into bed with him. But don't expect that you will ever just "hang out" or go out and do things. He'll save that for a girl who comes along who he actually wants to date. Oh, and when that happens--don't be upset when the sex just stops, because nobody puts someone they're really attracted to on hold because they have a really great friend w/ benefits. Also, don't expect to be the only person he's sleeping with either, because in most cases, "I don't want a relationship" equals "I don't want to just be with one woman"

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