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more of the truth came out from this 'friend' of mine... apparently my (ex?) boyfriend and the girl dont even sit together in the 2nd class they have together. They only sit(and talk, a lot) in the first one because they were assigned to be in the same group for that one class.

This makes it even harder to look at myself knowing I broke up with him, but I have to keep reminding myself that THIS wasn't the reason we broke up.... it was because of doubts I've had for the past 4 months or so. Ever since he had been talking to his ex online for those 2 months I haven't been able to fully trust him. He said things I would have never imagined him saying to another girl, and it broke my heart. He did email her after it happened telling her basically to never talk to him again, it did a lot of damage to his relationship with his current girlfriend... which I respected him for. BUT he told me a few nights ago before we broke up that she had IMed him out of the blue, and he clicked it off and didn't talk to her. he was just being honest with me to let me know she IMed him. That sounds like a man I can trust. So now I don't know if I"ve made a mistake by breaking up.

When I really thought about it, the drama started about a year ago when we started talking about marriage. I've always been scared of commitment (he's my first relationship) and I've always been very insecure. so those 2 things put together have possibly ruined the best thing I had going for me.

It's been 2 days and I want to call him just to check up and see how he's doing.

Also I noticed when I checked my bank online this morning that in our joint savings account he did some shuffling around of money, which only resulted in him withdrawing about $100. Not sure why he'd do this... I want to ask him but I dont know if it's okay to call him after 2 days.

Maybe this break will renue and refresh our relationship so we can start over... with no insecurities, no jealousy, no lies.

Time will tell, right?

Help me stay strong... this board has helped me tremendously so far.

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