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ok heres the situation my wife and i have been going through alot. during the past 3 mnths i have had about 12 family members die whom i was close to at some point or another and she has had a few family members pass but our problems just developed into big monsters we are both currently in counseling seperatly though and i think tht she is cheating b/c of her habits and things tht she does. we both do not deal with death very well and constantly take things out on each other. but she does things like say tht she is leaving out to go get something and be gone for 6-8 hrs at a time and then whn she gets home and i ask where shes been she will say she was hanging out at her girlfriends house and smoking weed (nothing wrng with tht) but on two seperate occasions she took extremely long for just supposed to going to the store to get something and her excuse was on both times tht her girlfriend got a flat tire and she stayed with her b/c it was late at night i suggested tht she tell her girlfriend to get some fix a flat the firstime it happened b/c it only take about 15min to fix ur tire wth tht stuff i've used it. but whn it happened again it made me suspicious. ok and one time she stayed out untill 1pm the next day and we have not had sex for a very long time now b4 my b-day in august it was about 4mnths and now since then it been about 3mnths. now hers is where my queston is i have recently setup an email accnt where i am posing as someone else who is trying to hook up with her and she has responded to my email very questionably wel here it is i will post the one i sent to her and the one she sent back to me hers is the email tht i sent to her first "HEY THIS IS ME MAURICE FROM THE INSTANT MESSAGE AND EMAIL I SENT YOU I HAVE NOT HEARD ANY RESPONSE FROM YOU YET. MY SCHEDULE IS VERY BUSY AND I WOULD WANT TO GET A CHANCE TO MEET YOU MAYBE OVER LUNCH OR DINNER SOMETIME. RESPOND BACK TO ME SO THAT I CAN CLEAR MY SCHEDULE MAYBE EVEN SETUP A WEEKEND GETAWAY" and ........... now here is her response "i really dont know who this is and im sorry but i didnt get any emails from you where do i know you from? please let me know, i check my emails frequently so ill respond in a timely manner!!!!!" ........... i really don't know what to think here b/c her response should have been no i am taken right??? or am i overreacting somthing which i do alot of. please help oh and i knw wht i did was wrng but i hate not knowing. my two worst fears are rejection and mis-information or not knowing about everything tht is going on around me.

please seriously help me as many people as possible i am going crazy over here

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