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I had been dating a girl for just about a year. We decided to move in together, as my roomates were leaving and so were hers, and it just so happened our leases ended near the same date. We thought it was all perfect. She had cheated on me once, but we were basically on a "break" during that time, yet it still bothered me. I still moved in with her ... given the convenience, and not to mention I was head over heels for this girl, although a small part in the back of my mind told me it might be a bad idea.She got into contact with an old girlfriend from high school, and started drinking and going out. She was always against this lifestyle and used to call it "trashy" and "sleazy". So about 3 months after we moved in together she tells me she wants to be single and do whatever she wants, didn't realize how fun it could be to drink and party, and she didn't want to have to depend on a man anymore. Yet I came home from work one day, caught her and another guy at our apartment complex. She claimed they were just friends, yet I found evidence on certain social networking websites that whether they were intimate or not, she was def leading him on. She had also skipped a party to go to a game with this guy ... and stay in a hotel with him. At this point I went off on her, told her I was going to my parents house for awhile . By this time she had made it clear that she wanted to move on and do whatever she wants. So i stay away for 2 weeks, come back to OUR apartment, and there are 2 different sets of flowers sitting on MY kitchen table from 2 different guys. I think she feeds off the attention of a guy trying to get her to like him.

We are in the process of breaking our lease. Why does it sting so much? I guess becasue of the lack of respect she has for my feelings? It seems like someone that would make that huge of a commitment of moving in together would take it a little more seriously. Of course she is an only child and always gets what she wants for the most part. I guess she is just an "in the moment" type of girl but she has left me with the worst feeling in my stomach ever, because when it was good it was sooooo good. There is more details to this story but this will do for now. I am literally going nuts though now. Please ask more questions. Why does this bother me so much? I read some of the stories on here and this is nothing ... at least we don't have kids or marriage. I have been on and off anti-depressants since age 13 when my Dad became a druggie/drunk and beat my mom and cheated on her amongst other things. He suffers from severe manic depression, and is on numerous medications and disabilities. When I met her, I quit taking my anti-depressants, and was completely happy. She was all I needed. But now I am stuck at my parents, pacing, unemployed, and feeling like I need to go see my old psychiatrist again.

HELP. Thanks.

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