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deep down, inside, do you know if youre in love with someone? or if not, would you know if it is likely?
during an argument with my boyfriend, i demanded he tell me he didnt love me...but he couldnt say it. he refused to. but at the same time he couldnt say he was in love with me. he says he is confused.
im giving it time, for benefit of doubt. i want to do what he asked, to give it time, for me to calm down, no more arguments etc to give love a chance.
but right now, do you tihnk he knows whether he is going to be in love or not?
its been a year and a half since we first met. its been rocky- and thats his reason for being confused.
we have had a brillant past few feels amazing- and thats what im concentrating on. but my mind wonders about the love aspect to it since i am madly in love with this guy and id love to marry him one day.

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