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Hi everyone, thank you so much for your replies. It really helps to hear it from other people's points of view, especially if they are going through it currently or have in the past. :) To answer one of the posters, I do trust him, but he has done some things that he recently admitted to me, which I was not aware of. He admitted to me that he has sometimes just called her to see "what's up."

See, I was under the impression for a long time that it was just her calling him, but then he told me that he also calls her too every few weeks to see how she's doing. This totally blew me away since I was never aware of this. Granted, I had never asked him before if he was calling her -- I just assumed he wasn't and that he just talked to her when she called him. Anyways, I realize that this is something I'm just going to have to accept if I want to make our relationship work. It's just so tough because I do get insecure about this, especially because they were so close as friends before they dated and now still remain close.

He tells me he just cares about her as a friend and nothing more. I try and remind myself of that, but it's hard knowing that she was a first of many for him. She was his first girlfriend, and the person he lost his virginity to. She was there for him for many years, so I feel sometimes like I'm comparing myself to her. I wonder, does he love me the way he loved her? Does he interact with me the way he interacted with her? I know I shouldn't have all these thoughts running through my mind, because it will just tear me up.

If anyone else has any similar stories or additional advice, please share! It really helps!!

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