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Yeah, it'll be hard to deal with that. But it's a matter of whether you trust him or not. If you truly do trust him and he's real sincere about everything, then why make other assumptions?

I dated a girl for five years. We broke up a month and a half ago. Despite the fact I was pissed for a while, I'm sure in the future we'll start talking more. And whoever I'm dating at the time will have to deal with that. There's no way I'd go back to my ex, not now, not ever. Not even if she begged me back and I was single. But that's just me... I know there are some guys out there that just don't care. But are you dating one of them? That's what you have to ask yourself.

Also - little tip. I wouldn't dwell too much on this. It's very important to be sincere about it when you talk with him. If you continue digging over and over and soon it becomes your only topic of conversation, you're simply signing the demise of the relationship. If you approach it on a very very easy going manner and be real cautious about what you say, it'll help you out a long way.

So in short, I'm saying don't worry about it. People can date, break up, and be friends without anything happening. Then again, the opposite can happen. What matters is what kind of a guy your boyfriend is and if you truly trust him. If you hesitated to answer that question in your head, then it's time for a heart to heart talk with him. If you fired out "Yes I trust him" the second you read this, I'd be willing to say you're fine. Then again, I don't know you or him in real life. So who knows! :P

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