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hey everyone,
its been nearly 2 years since my first love broke up with me. not a day has gone by where i havent thought about him. i still see him occasionaly because we have mutual friends which makes it hard. he left me for another chick. he now talks to female friends of mine. i dont like it but there is nothing i can do. towards the end of last year we bumped into each other after not having any contact since july. i was out with one of my friends. he didnt approach me for an hour and then came up and started chatting. he kept eye contact with me and my friend said she thinks he likes me still. when he was chatting to others, he was looking my way my friend told me. so i invited him to a party(stupid choice most likely) and other people at the party said the same thing. their thoughts on the matter is that he thinks he made a mistake. he said he wanted to kiss me and i backed off. he started sending me text messages and we spoke on msn nearly every night. anyway i am in contact with one of his male friends, nothing serious, just friends but now he is giving me attitude, wont speak to me and is back talking to my friends. he's probably jealous. anyway the bottom line is, i know im going to be like all of u on this post and that is im going to be into him in 20 years time whether i see him again or not. he flirted with other girls in front of me and still gives me attitude but he was my first and thats why i cant get over him. if he was some other boyfriend after i would of kicked him in the shin a long time ago. he will always be in my mind :confused:

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