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Well, how long would you be gone for? A week? That is no big deal. But if it's something like three weeks or a month, that's a little different. Also, it depends how far along she will be in her pregnancy when you leave. If it's still really early, it shouldn't be as big of a deal. But if she'll be in the later stages, like 6-7 months or more, she'll probably need you there with her.

I gather this is really bothering your girlfriend? If so, you have two choices then - 1) Say, "To heck with you, I'm going to go have fun," and deal with her resenting you, or 2) Not go on your vacation, and end up resenting her.

Neither one of these is very positive. This is just my opinion, but if I was pregnant and my boyfriend wanted to take off on a nice vacation, I'd be annoyed too. Is this going to be a dealbreaker in your relationship? Will you be able to live without going to Hawaii? Will she be able to get over you going? Is this one issue is going to cause such a big rupture in your relationship, maybe you need to really sit down and talk it over.

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