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Re: Can't move on
Nov 16, 2006
I say you should apoligize, you feel hurt, but on the other hand you have no idea how bad you hurt him...its a natural reaction. I know if the person I told loved me as much as they said they did and he exploded in my face (with words we don't even know you used, but you said it yourself it was bad) I wouldn't think they cared as much as they said. So to blow off some of my steam I would go back at them and hit them where it REALLY hurts. Of course I wouldn't do that with my Hubby cause we are married and I love him to much to do that. But there were times when I did that with my ex of a little over a year (I was also like 15 at the time so it don't count) but he had said something to me and just about a few months ago he said that when he read my e-mail it felt like I tore his heart out and stompped on it a hundred times over...he even saved it and sent it back to me 2 years later and I was pretty rude. I was his first girlfriend and he had even asked me back out and said he had everything planned for the two of us in the future because he though I would say yes. Little did he know I was already dating my hubby (boyfriend at the time) living with him. He had wished that he had apoligized sooner, and that way we could have had started over (which I wouldn't even think twice about that, I know straight off even if I was single I wouldn't date him EVER AGAIN)

I mean every situation is different...he waited and the outcome would have been the same either way...but in your case maybe he just wants what I wanted, an apoligy and an understanding of everything. You have to realize to, you jumped at him first so he has more of a reason to recieve an apoligy then give one...of course he could have apoligized on his part but he can't say sorry for something you started. I know I wouldn't have told him sorry because it wasn't my fault that he yelled at me unexpectedly, i did apoligize tho when he contacted me again and he at least wanted to remain friends. Well my only guy friend is my Hubby so I deleted my e-mail account that he knew and got another one because my hubby is all I need (guy wise that is)

But in his mind he could jus be waiting for you, maybe not...either way you can be the bigger person and say you are sorry even tho he said those things. Its easy to bring someone down, but to build them up is the hard part, but the effort is all that matters

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