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[QUOTE=jtom]Im sure he had no idea either that the beaches are topless. You could mention making different plans in another carribean country. I honestly didnt believe dominican republic was popular for tourists; I also thought the country had an unstable government. That could be an excuse if you dont want to be up front to him about it. I believe either Dominican republic or Haiti had a over throw of the government a few years ago. Either way I consider hispaniola to be unstable. Thats just me.

Consider Jamaica, virgin islands, bahamas, etc. I just never heard of someone vacationing in the Dominican Republic.[/QUOTE]

I just have 3 families of my relatives vacationing in Dominican republic and liked it a lot. I wouldn't suggest Jamaica or Bahamas (being there). They didn't tell me anything about nude beaches.
First of all you don't have to use them. I had experience to walk on topless beach ones. Mostly there were fat old ladies and people there don't pay any attention on anybody. I also walked once on male beach, guys there act as if I was invisible.
I wouldn't make a big deal of it, just don't go there and don't think that everybody big beauties there.
I myself thinking of going there next year since relatives like it that much. You can get good food which doesn't make you gain weight and other stuff they like.

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