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So normally I am the logical person in a relationship and I take my sweet time. I wait for the guy to make the first move, don't come on to strong, stay a mystery for awhile, etc... This is not done as a game but it just takes me a long time to get interested.

However, I met a guy online about 2 months ago. He's from my high school but we didn't hang around with the same friends. (Also it's been 12yrs since I graduated) So we knew of each other but we didn't associate until recently. We talked online several times and enjoyed each other's conversation. I was living with an ex boyfriend at the time though and wanted to resolve this before dating someone new.

So I layed off the emails and sort of disappeared from online for awhile. With my ex due to move out on the first of November I changed my phone number and started to move on with my life. So we've been texting each other again for about three weeks. Our first date was November 11th and we had a great time typical movie and dinner date. He kissed my cheek when it was over and asked for a hug. I kissed him on the lips. He beamed about it for a week in our texts that he liked that I stole a kiss and took the initiative.

Well our next date was last weekend. I have this need to express myself to him by touching and kissing him. I guess you could say that I am physically attracted to him. But my behavior is not normal. I don't usually come on this strong. I even ended up sharing a bed with him that night because we got so intense. However, wonderful and comfortable I felt about my decision I still am nervous about the repricussions.

I showed that I am into him that much that I would get with him on our second date. That is so unlike me. Now I don't know what ramifications I may be facing. Obviously I really like this guy, but me coming on too strong I'm afraid might scare him away. Too much too soon kind of thing. He doesn't seem put off by my behavior and he enjoyed it as much as I did I am suspecting. BUT how do I handle myself now that I've crossed that line. I know I am not going to say anything stupid like "I love you" when we aren't at that stage yet. I just don't know how to slow things down and not freak him out. I know most males do not like the clingy, desperate girl and I don't want to appear that way. I just really am into him and it sort of scares me a little that I could have gone so far with a man I hardly know.

Any advice? Would appreciate a males perspective as well.



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