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I'm so beyond hurt. My boyfriend never really explains why he doesn't defend me, he just gets quiet. Last friday when he said he wanted to break up he said "I guess it's becuase on a level I'm not that dedicated to you." He also said he didn't think there was a future between us.

Then later he said sorry and said he said this because he was mad.

I loved this man more than anything in the world... and I feel like in return I was stepped on and invaded.. and all I have to show for it is an apology from his buddy who did all these things on purpose with an intent to harm me.

I almost want to break it off with him. I'm so much in pain and confused that I begged him to tell me why he allowed this to happen, and all he says is sorry.

I'm humiliated and sad. I just wish I never met him so I wouldn't have to feel sad after he's gone.

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