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Good point. Actually, I was very interested in past behavior and sadly enough did get this out of him a long time ago.

He prioritized friends over at least two of his past girlfriends. From what I understand these were some serious issues too. The last girlfriend that he broke up with said to him "you know, I always knew there was something weird about you, you have weird friends." However, it's also notable that he was cheated on by girls early on, so he could've been in the mindset of "well, you can't trust girls, so stick with the brotherhood" or something stupid like that. LOL. you know, if anyone stuck with the brotherhood as comfort, something tells me that nothing would be clean or eatible ever.....LOL.. sorry men in my experience don't take care of themselves/eat right/ clean stuff.... though there is alot of exceptions.

After that he was single for 8 years, spending most if not all of his time with the friend in question.. on the couch, gaining weight, drinking beer.

He got sick of this lifestyle and lost the weight and re-gained a life.. though his friend still remained.

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