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Re: Road trip!
Nov 22, 2006
Well, do you work or go to school? There's a couple things to talk about right there. Cramming for exams before the holidays, interesting co-workers who will inevitably create an interesting "show" during the work holiday party?

Do you cook, live with parents, on your own, have kids? Watch TV or movies? Do crosswords, puzzles, play video games? Obviously you use the computer. There's a topic right there.

Your trip alone is a topic. What's the plan? Has anyone seen these sights before or anything similar? Where are y'all planning to eat on your trip? How about accommodations? I'm sure you've eaten out at some point in the past, have some interesting stories there. I would also venture a guess that you've gone on a vacation before. Compare stories on past trips, what you've done, what you wouldn't do again, what you would recommend and why, maybe some destinations you'd like to visit in the future?

I don't mean for you to answer these questions here :)

You can always just inquire things about people in your group. When one brings up, say, one of those, "While we were in NYC on vacation ... " ask a few questions, show an interest. Asking folks where they are from, how long they've lived in the area where you all met, how they like it, etc, are usually good ice breakers and conversation-starters.

I mean, if you're shy, you're shy. There's nothing wrong with that. It doesn't mean you're snobby or not having a good time. I'm sure your BF realizes this and might even mention to the unknown folks that you're a little shy.

DH & I recently took a trip with my brother and his new girlfriend. She was really quiet and shy, and I could tell she was nervous and a bit uncomfortable at the beginning of our trip. She came out of her shell pretty quickly, tho. It was nice us being females, as we had some time to chat privately doing makeup, shopping and going to the ladies' room during our excursions -- you know, "chick" stuff, lol. Those could be times that you come out of your shell a bit with your female counterparts in your group.

Try not to worry! It will all fall into place. I hope you guys have a wonderful and SAFE trip :)

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