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When i was 20 i got pregnant with my friends baby. But i was with my boyfriend of 5 yrs at that time too and it just happened one night...i stayed with my (now ex) bf for the pregnancy and 4 mths after the baby was born, until i left realizing it was not meant to be. I should tell u that my bf and my best friend were best friends themselves! sorry if im getting complicated, basically i slept with my then bf's best friend and got pregnant!! well when we broke up his mom had doubts over the child and to be honest i wasnt sure whose it was i just lived day to day wondering. I had never told my bf that i had cheated but his friend knew there was a possibility. Anyways when she was 1 his mom talked him into getting a DNA test done and sure enough it came back as not his!!! later testing proved his friend was. Now I was with this guy from the age of 15 till 21 and we were very bad for each other. he was a mamas boy and now being the age i am (34) and having more children realize why she protected him so much. She had always hated me from day 1 but saw there wasnt much she could do and eventually we moved in together when we were make a long story short i never apologized to her or their family, i did to my ex but no one else. Its been so long now and since i was such a huge part of their lives for so long i have always wondered if i should have apologized to them. I didnt mean to do it i was a kid myself back then and even though she disliked me she was always there for us if we needed anything and was pleasant when i was around her. I have moved on with my life, remarried had more kids and become and adult lol i have no interest in rekindling anything, speaking too or hearing back from this woman but its always in the back of my mind if i should just mail her a quick note telling her my intetions werent to take a way a grandchild or daughter away from either of them as i was young and scared and such...ive always felt i just walked away from the situation one day without giving people what they deserved, an apology. do i just leave this alone?

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