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What would I do in your situation?

Well, since I love myself and want to be happy -- and also since I want to find mr. right, who I believe should be a one-woman man -- I would stop seeing this LIAR immediately and be single for awhile, get to know myself before even dating anyone.

However, if I hated myself and wanted to hurt myself, I guess I could stay with him while he goes back to his GF and keeps cheating on her with me, and let him lie to her and to myself -- and who knows who else? I'd cry every night and become very depressed to the point where I'd most likely need medical attention. Is that what you want to happen to you? Because he's not going to change his behavior. I don't care how wonderful he is -- fact is, he's a cheater and a liar. How do you know if he even told his GF that he was seeing someone else?

But really -- it sounds like he wants to have his cake and eat it too. Which isn't fair to you or this other woman and you both need to seriously ditch this two-timing cheater! You know, there are lots of "cute, funny, kinda good looking, smart, independent" guys out there who don't cheat on their girlfriends.

I also don't think you gave yourself enough time to heal from your past relationship and that you jumped into having feelings for this guy because of it. And the fact you dated him while he was still with his ex probably makes him think in his mind that you're OK with him seeing other women, since you've put up with it before. Not good. Unless of course you want to be in an open relationship?

Remember that you haven't invested that much time at all with Richard. It's only been a few months, so you really need to tell him that he can go back to his girlfriend or find some other girl to cheat on, but that you want a one-woman man. You do want a one-woman man, right?

I don't think he cares about you that much either. If he did, he would want you and only you. Get rid of him!

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