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I know what you mean, I really find it really cute when a guy is shy and not your usual overbearing Mac-daddy. However, it gets to a point when you're like, "Okay, you're shy, that's, DO something!"

[QUOTE]i even asked him if i was "bugging" him by asking him out and emailing and he responds absoultely not, that he loves my emails, etc. [/QUOTE]

That is SO frustrating, isn't it?!? I've had to do the same thing, ask if all of my attention bothered him, and he'd be like, "Oh no, no it's great." :rolleyes: But he wouldn't take the hint and become pro-active, so I'd continue to feel like a stalker.

I think there might also be a level of being afraid to make a committment, of getting involved in something that has the potential to get messy or complicated. This is something I noticed about guys like this...they'd rather avoid getting involved altogether rather than going through the trouble of breaking it off should things not work out. So they really like all the attention they are getting from the girl, but second-guess themselves constantly when it comes to whether or not they want to put in the effort of actually dating.

Or it could also be extreme insecurity. He likes the attention, but maybe he's so nervous about an actual date and trying to impress you that he figures it isn't worth all the stress.

[QUOTE]Bottom line, like you said - if he wants to see me he will make the effort. He knows where to find me.[/QUOTE]

Yeah, either way I think this is the best attitude to have. You've done your part. It's time that he did his.

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