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U should try to get an idea of what kind of life she and her husband lived, cause if they were heavy travelers or went to alot of social events, then that is what she is going to try and continue. I'm sure she likes getting together with friends, especially if she is feeling alone. As far as the co-worker thing, that is a bit confusing, especially if he is married, I see a red flag there in my opinion.[/QUOTE]

Yes, that part about the coworker does seem a bit confusing. I still don't know what to make of that. But what she said still comes back to haunt me from time to time.

That's interesting, what you said about her possibly being a little insecure herself! I never thought of that! But I guess it's possible. If it is true, then that makes two of us! Maybe we're both afraid of rejection! And that may partly explain the standoff that's been going on. Maybe we both feel that maybe we wouldn't measure up to the other's expectations!

Maybe I should try to find out more about what kind of lifestyle her and her husband lived. So far, the impression I have is that it was most likely a quite ordinary one. She lives in a duplex, and doesn't drive an expensive car. She did mention a few vacations that she's taken. I know she mentioned something about taking a cruise through the Panama Canal. Sounds like she likes the beach, too. She sometimes goes down to Atlantic City as well. In fact, she just came back from there. I think she went down there with her mother, and another one of her friends.

As far as traveling is concerned, I may actually have been to more places than she has. But our vacation destinations do differ. I'm not a beach person. I like the mountains and national parks, and have been out west many times. I prefer the beauty of nature and the wondrous world of national parks as opposed to crowded vacation resorts. And I haven't even been to Atlantic City since I was a kid, which is close to 40 years ago! It looks like I've been going to places where she hasn't been, and she's been going to places where I haven't been.

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