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We have been together a year now. I'm 23, he's 26.

I never thought of our relationship going bad because my last relationship was so different (awful) that the problems in my current relationship never seemed like problems since it wasn't like my last. Get it? I never bothered to look too deep into the things that bother me about our rela because if he wasn't cheating, or beating me then I just let it brush right by me..

Now i'm looking deeper into the little things, that with time end up turning into big things..these things now REALLY bother me and I don't know if i'm foolishly overreating. Someone please tell me the truth, it's okay. My friends are honest and tell me things that I don't want to hear, but I need an outsiders opinion..

First off I love my boyfriend very much. I don't want to give up so easily. I know he is willing to go to counseling with me and such. He's not that hard headed of a person..

Here we go-

My bf's brother used to be addicted to meth. Since then his bro has been fine. He hasn't done any drugs like that nor hang around any of those bad people. He doesn't even want to..

Now let me clarify something- My bf and his bro are ALWAYS together. They didn't when he was on drugs, but since then things went back to normal. When his bro was getting help for his addiction, my bf was his bros support system. I supported him also. I was told that when his bro got better that we would start having some alone time,,, since it is non existent. except when we sleep.

Is it normal that maybe.. umm.. once every 2 months i'll get my bf alone. Meaning we'll get to be alone for a few hours, maybe the whole day if i'm lucky (sarcasm applied)..

See the thing is, is we are always together. It's not the QUANTITY of time it's the QUALITY. I don't know how a relationship is supposed to work when his friends and brother is around 24/7? And the thing is, is that he doesn't see a problem with it. He turns my words around so much. I say, "baby we NEVER have alone time. Someone is ALWAAAYS around us no matter what. I don't understand why we never do anything alone, or why don't you care? All I want is like [U]maybe[/U] one day a week alone for just US" He turns it around literally to, "well since you don't like my brother or my friends I guess i'll start dissing my brother out and then you guys won't like eachother anymore." or "I don't get why you want this we're together all the time.".......
If I have to repeat myself to him one more time....

I say one thing. He literally hears something completely different.

Is it normal that I feel so angry and resentful?

I know I have been getting really angry lately of little things, but with time these things accumulate and I snap. It's not that I keep everything inside then one day snap. I let him know, but he doesn't listen to me. So I repeat myself all the time. Then I snap.

I'm tired of this.

What do I do?

p.s. money has been tight for both of us lately,so we havent been able to go out and do the things we want. I know it frusterates us both. But I don't want to let that stop us from going out and doing things together..these things just bother me....

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