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I took him back because before we started dating officialy, he was in Iraq for6 months...during that time, i "saved" myself for him, and he was lonely and all that I figured that he did it because he had been gone for two years without doing anything with he was really sorry and i had never been cheated on before that...

After it happened he promised me that he would stop talking to her, because I believed their friendship crossed the line. Well, he was good for about 6 months then he went back to work (she worked there, thats how they were friends), i then found a text message from her number that said "i want to come over and give you some nookie"..i asked him about it and he said it was an inside joke at the store...which i guess i things were okay for awhile again, and then in the past 4 months she had been text messaging him and calling him, but he said she had a boyfriend....and that nothing was going on (plus the messages always seemed pretty harmless, like how are you)....Its one of those things where im not sure if im overreacting or not reacting enough....and that was the main reason i was insecure

plus, he would get im's from women's screen names online, and tell me they were his girlfriends from the army....but it would be weird because it would be a screen name with the name jen* in it, but then hed say the girls name was lucy*....uhhhhhh....this is so crazy

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