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I was with my boyfriend for two the beggining, he cheated on me with a girl he was friends with, and still talks to her to this day. It really hurt me, but i tried to move on, and found it rather difficult. I would often be suspicious, and I started turning to other men to make me happy. I wouldn't sleep with them, but just hang around with them behind his back to make myself feel...whole again I guess.

We had some other problems, such as he wouldn't hang out with my friends because he said he felt "uncomfortable", but then complained that I spent too much time with them. He also enjoyed sex a litttle too much, and there were times when I felt like he just wanted me for regular sex. When things were good, that was our main argument, sex and friends...Other then that, he was mainly good to me,he took me out, he was always reliable..which I loved about him....

Sometimes i think I didn't try enough...maybe i could have trusted him more, maybe I could have gotten less angry at the minor things he did, maybe i have issues about sex, maybe im too insecure..who knows...we argued so much that I decided we needed a's been so hard. We still talk but I wont let him see me (he gets sooo mad for me not seeing him)...Sometimes I feel like I should go back and try harder, but then I worry that Im wasting my time...then again, I feel like ill never find anyone as reliable and there for me as he was and soemtimes i wonder if it was me that messed things up...How do you know when you're doing the right thing?

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