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like the other poster said, she is married. however i believe anything is possible as long as you go about it the right way. if she chooses to be with you then she needs to end it with her husband. yes, her kids and husband will be hurt but they will be hurt way more if they were ever to find out some other way. her kids will probably resent you too. are u prepared for this? im now an adult child of a divorced relationship. my parents divorced ten years ago and it wasnt because of another boyfriend or girlfriend. however at times when my mum had a boyfriend i didnt want him there. i live with my dad and when i was a teenager i would go to my mums place every second weekend and he would always be there for dinner. all i wanted was time with mum because i didnt see her everyday but he was always there. its not that i didnt like him because he did nothing wrong. its just that i wanted to be with my mum and secretly wanted my parents back together. in your situation tho, her kids will probably see you as the enemy because you broke up their family. this is the way they will see it. i personally think that the both of you should spend some time apart. i know easier said than done but she really needs to think things through and decide for her self what she really wants. like i said earlier, anything is possible as long as it's done the right way not the wrong way. you need to respect the relationship she has with her family until she decides what to do. also dont lose your self respect by sleeping with her. im sure u wouldnt of contemplated being with a married women before this but yes things happen and we cant control our emotions but we can control our actions. u deserve someone that gives u 100%. im sure u dont want to have to share your women. so please respect yourself at the same time.

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