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Re: The Ex Factor
Nov 29, 2006
[QUOTE=ILYF]Well personally I don't see why you BF can't see how this is affecting you and "break it off" with this EX GF of his!? Is it worth losing you to keep her? I think it's extremely disrespectful of him to keep on seeing her! I mean how do you really know that they aren't having sex? It's obvious that she still loves him. Maybe they can't get along as a couple but they can be friends with benifits? Noone really knows what's going on when they are alone together but the two of them and that's why you are crazy because you know that the girl wants him. If she had only friendly feeling toward him she would just want what is best for him and not be jealous about you! Have you ever asked him why it's so important to keep her around? Doesn't he have other people to hang out with that aren't his EX? What are his feelings toward he crazy mad if he hears someone's screwing around on someone...or is he unaffected? Just curious because that could be one way to know if you can trust that he's not doing anything. Some people you just know that it's not in their nature and if he's that kind of person I suppose it would be a little easier to accept. I know it's really easy for someone on the outside looking in to tell someone what to do but personally I wouldn't keep going through the pain watching this go on with them...I would tell him to choose because I've done this with my BF.[/QUOTE]

Thank you for the reply.
He doesn't see her often. As far as phone conversations and how often, that I wouldn't know.
He doesn't seem to think that she still wants him, even though I tell him that it seems pretty obvious! Are guys just dense on this subject?!
I don't want to be the type of girlfriend who makes him choose between me or a friend. If I felt she saw him as just a friend I wouldn't have a issue. There inlies the problem. HER and her feelings towards him!!
Everything that you said, about how do you really know if you're not there.. is what terrifies me. One of my biggest fears is him doing one thing and telling me another. He has never lied to me (that I know of, but how does one ever really know!?) I've never caught him in a lie is what I should say. He's never really given me a reason not to trust him.
He's been used in the past, so I know that manipulation and lies are a big deal to him. I really feel that him messing around behind my back would be highly unlikely.. but it's that tiny, itty-bitty, speck of a chance that tears me apart. My mentality is, if he can why wouldn't he? And I only think that way because it's all any guy has ever shown me.
Sorry, I'm off on another rant.
There are still questions that I need to ask him, even if to just ease my on own mind.

Thanks again for taking the time to read and reply.

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