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Beauty that's defined as we see in most magazines is only on the surface. Eventually, we all get old and the idea of "beauty" in America is not a mature looking woman who has earned her right to be on a tall pedestal with her wisdom, her life experience, her capacity to have loved so many people for so long, and if she's a mother - which in many cultures, adds millions to her already beautiful self. In many, other cultures, a "mature" woman is considered more beautiful than their younger counterparts and they're the most sought after for hand in marriage by men in their culture, a lot half their age. Look at all of the millions of men & women go under go the knife just to retain the so-called beauty that our society has put upon all of us. To me, I would rather age gracefully, however, I wouldn't completely disregard going under the knife. If my breasts are in my shoes, I think that would be a good time to go under the knife! :D

Beauty is what you perceive. To me, someone like Maya Angelou is beautiful. Someone who has her heart out in the open, her mind, her spirit, her humor and her complete understanding and wisdom of human beings makes her an absolute beautiful woman. Another person who is beautiful is Warren Buffet. To me, for someone who'd worked so hard for what he'd been able to accumulate and gives it away for the mere kindness of his heart... yeah, yeah, tax right off,etc, but com'on, tell me how many billionaires would give that much of their hard earned money away? They wouldn't even consider it. To me, that's beauty.

Beauty is more than just what's on the surface of the skin. I know of a woman at work who most of us wouldn't think is beautiful. Her face is not of a model's face, her body is shaped like a pear, she's a bit overweight, her hair is plain and she hardly wears any make up. Last Christmas, we had an office party and she brought her husband along. To everyone's surprise, her husband would rival the looks of Gerard Butler. He was extremely handsome, smart, kind, a body that would make a lot of women run around the block screaming... all of the good qualities we look for in a person and he is so in love with my co-worker. I knew immediately what he saw in her, but a lot of the shallow people in our office coudn't stop talking about their "differences". I came to her defense and said, " you guys don't see that she was the most beautiful woman in that party?" and I was serious! I also told them that she's more beautiful than any of us combined! That stopped them from gossiping about her. Because they knew I was telling the truth. You see, this woman's good heart, her great sense of humor, her ability to perform her daily life through kindness - her beauty just shines through.

For the people who sees beauty as only skin deep- I pity them. Because they're nothing but robots... IMHO. Our society has programmed them to see only skin deep. And most of the time, that kind of beauty doesn't last.

One person's opinion of beauty.


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