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[QUOTE] If my boyfriend was expected to parade around in one of those white Roman sheet get ups (I dont know what they're called, those things the ancient Romans used to wear back in the day) for some Roman themed wedding, I wouldnt be happy about it and I wouldnt be shy about saying so.[/QUOTE]

Togas? I think? Oh man, I would LOVE to see my boyfriend in one of those *rolling* I'd plow through an entire roll of film in less than a minute.

I'm kind of on the fence here. I agree with those who are saying it isn't right for the bride to pick out dresses that are too revealing, and it shouldn't be assumed that all women want to show off their bazooms. BUT, it doesn't sound like the woman in question, who will actually be wearing the dress, has a problem with it. In fact she appears to be looking forward to showing off the goods.

Why does it bother you so much that your wife is going to (presumably) get a lot of attention? Why isn't she allowed to have attention? You don't have to be protective of her. That was her parents' job when she was growing up; she's an adult now and she can manage just fine on her own.

I'm not blasting you because frankly I have a very possessive and jealous streak myself. Which is hugely ironic, for several reasons. I think maybe you just have to focus a little more on yourself and not worry about what's going on with your wife. If you wanted a SO that no other man was ever going to so much as glance at, well then you should have married someone butt ugly.

[QUOTE]...and have her take a jacket to wear because she won't be serving refreshments the whole when she does serve refreshments then she can take it off.[/QUOTE]

But the lady in question LIKES the dress and likes the idea of showing off. Seriously, if I had a boyfriend who tried to make me cover up because [I]he[/I] was uncomfortable, I'd probably laugh in his face. And then make out with one of the ushers.

It almost sounds like you're afraid your wife is going to get all the attention and no one is going to notice or care about you. If that's the case, then focus a little more on yourself. Get a haircut, a new cologne, a spiffy new outfit. Don't try to drag her down and make her feel ashamed, because that isn't love. :(

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