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Ok i realy have alot to say so im going to start off with some background info.....I am 18 ...i am a virgin...and i havent had alot of luck with relationships!!!!

Back when i was 11 i started going out with this girl.....we had so much in common and had so much fun....we lasted a good 4.5yrs then one day i found out that over the past year of our relationship she had been having sex with atleast 20 people....but before i found this out ....we were alone and she asked to see my penis....naturaly as a young teen i whipped it out thinking finaly going to get it touched....korny i know but you know its true we all felt that way back at that age!!! Well i did that but not to the response i would have liked....she actually laughed at my size....i know im not big but i am 7inches and i have been since i was 13 and i was totaly comfy with my size but she sat their laughing at me and saying that i was small and that she didnt want anything smaller than 8.5 inches.....she also said that she was breaking up with me and she said that i was ugly and worthless and nobody would ever want anything to do with as you can imagine i was totaly crushed....and since she meant everything to me i believed her for the longest time!!!

Now i have barley even talked to a girl in about 3yrs then in 11th grade i met this girl and i absolutly fell head over heals in love with was love at first sight!!!! I was so afraid to even talk to her but finaly i worked up the courage to go and talk to at this time she was 15 almost 16 and i was 17....she had a boyfriend of over about a year he is 21 by the way ....he will b 23 now. Ok now getting back.....we became good friends and we hung out twice at the end of the school year....we talked everyday and we used to txt message alot....then one day my buddy asks me if he could use my phone and he wrote her that i want to have sex with her and all this other bull crap....well aft that i didnt think i could even talk to her so...the summer went by and we didnt even say two words...then came the next school year and she tried to talk to me a few times but i couldnt bring myself to hold a long conversation with her.....i was so afraid of her!!! well this went on for the rest of the school year and then i graduated......over the summer i came across her at a public event and we hit it off.....we started going on dates and i just loved her more and more....i wanted to spend all the time i had with her....she was all i thought about!!! We went on about 4 dates and then finaly we started dating.....our first kiss was so magical to me and i still got that feeling everytime i kissed her!!! Now in the early stages of our relationship we would talk on the phone for hours on end late at night ......i had so much to say and so did she.....then aft about a month of going out it started getting harder and harder to hold a conversation that lasted over 20 minutes....and now from my past relationship i have a very poor self image and i have a problem with trust....i dont know i just kept getting the feeling that she wasnt happy and wanted someone hurt me and it made it harder and harder for me to talk to her....then we started to fight alot....about the most stupid crap u would think of!!! Well we are now broken up...we broke up november first and we have been talking and hanging out still but its not the same.....ok now the reason y i need help.....see i tell her all the time that she is beautiful,and i love her,and that she is perfect....and all that i tell her is the truth....but she says can u rly love me when you dont treat me like you i have been going over this in my head and i dont know wat else i could possibly do do prove to her that i realy love her and care for her....i tell her all that stuff...i buy her watever she wants .....i listen and respond to watever she is talking about and i try my hardest to hold a conversation with her but nuthing i do is good im asking you what else is there that i can possibly do to prove to her that i love her and want to be with her for the rest of my life!!!!!! Ok now since the day aft thanksgiving we are realy not getting along.....she is saying that she is sick of me saying that i love her....and that she cant put up with me anymore and that she needs better....someone who dosent get mad at her and all this other stuff....she even wants to stop talking to me and seeing me for a while....she is saying that everytime i talk to her she gets pissed off!!!! Now we got on the subject on love and she said that she loves me but she is not in love with me.....she said she was in love with her ex boyfriend...and now she has a new friend and he really likes her and i am afraid that she will go out with this other kid and just leave me in the dust!! I really love her and want to be back with her so bad!!!! She also said that she rly liked how i was in the begining of our relationship and she wants me to be that same person again but ....honestly i dont know how.....i dont feel ....or think i act any different...I AM TOTALY AND COMPLETLEY LOST!!!!

Ok so my questions for you

1. How else can i prove to her that i love her?
2. How can i keep up a conversation with her?
3. How can i save us?
4. Should i just move on?


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