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I don't know what your BF's problem is but it sounds to me like(from all you past posts) that this relationship is in big trouble! Has he always been anti-touchy/feely? Or did he just start this? I know that if my BF all of a sudden didn't want me hugging and cuddling with him there'd be something major wrong because he loves snuggling all the time!

What's he mad about with you working...does he want you to not work or what? I mean did he ask you to not work but you did anyway? Really working is just part of life...what would be the difference if you worked 8 hours and not 9...not a big difference there. It just seems to me like he's mad at you about everything lately doesn't it!? He was mad because YOU caused him to get hurt on vacation (give me a break! That was crazy!) There is something that's making him angry at you and it probably has nothing to do with anything that you are doing could shower him with gifts and he'd probably get PO'ed about it! My first inclination when someone is acting bazaar is that there's someone else...doesn't mean he's actually "doing the deed" with them but he's got "her" on his mind. Is there anything else that's gone terribly wrong in HIS life that's causing him to be just mad about everything that you can think of?

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