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iv got this xmas temp job, and most the ppl i work with are girls. now there is a girl there that i REALLY like, i think shes really attractive, and there seems to be something about her that attracts me to her, the problem is, im no looker, i wouldnt say i was nasty to look at lol, but im no brad pitt. all the girls that i work with, i have a laugh and joke with, and they all seem to get along with me and find me funny and a nice guy (i hope!), including this girls friend, who i seem to be having a joke with a lot of the time (she has a BF so theres nuthin there) but when it comes to this girl that i like, i cant seem to have a joke with her, i just go really serious around her, and imo shes the same, i no and have seen her have jokes and laugh with all the ppl at work, but she doesnt seem to have a laugh with me, cos she goes all serious too. the only time that i ever speak to her is if i need her help on something. if we pass each other in the corridor etc, we just give a smile instead of talking, but every1 else that i see, and every1 else that she see's we talk to. do you think that there is ANY chance at all that she could see sumthin in me? or is she just being like that because thats the way she is? problem is, now she isnt working in the same part as me, she got moved to a different part, i should still see her here and there, but no where near as much as i did.

im going to try and talk to her, because im sure i recognise her from sumwhere, from school etc, just to see how she talks to me about something other than work. its really confusing tho.

any help would be :angel:

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