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Hello everyone this is my story

Well i have been going with my boyfriend like almost 3 years and he is currently in the army. now at the beginning it was good he would call me every day (l live in missouri he lived in cali) talk all day until he left for the army then after a while he started acting weird and i bluntly asked him are you cheating on me he denied it but i never let it go so like a year and a half later he tells me that yea he slept with someone and he got her pregnant but the baby died and showed me the email she sent him. of course you know i was really mad even stopped talking to him for a while but i not really forgave but tried to move on i should say. well now he came to visit me and i was looking through his phone not snooping or anything just wanted to see his new phone he got and something struck out to me as odd he had a number with georgia area code on it (he dosent live in geogria nor has he went there to my knowledge) and i saw the name and it was the same name that was on the email he sent me so i said ok and i asked him about it. He said oh that is my cousin really with the same name and everything thats odd dont you think i never ever heard you mention this "cousin" before he told me well there is a lot of stuff you dont know oh really i thought to myself well i didnt know what to do with that since i didnt have the number to call myself it very well could have been a cousin. the next day i was driving his car and i notice some condoms in his car he told me that he dosent like condoms dosent like using them anyway so why would someone have condoms in their car if they dont like or use them? and why when i asked him he said at first oh i didnt know i had those then turn around and said i collect condoms well which one is it and wouldnt that be contradicting yourself? so we got into a big argument about that he stood by his half *** of a lie but im not stupid you know he told me well you never believe anything i tell you anyway so why try to explain it to you anyway now here i am confused and angry what do you think i should do?

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