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I can't help but feel that maybe you're over reacting... just a tad.

Fair enough, they have history, but have you not considered the possibility that she just cares for him as a friend? I find it pretty weird that niether of you allow eachother to text friends of the opposite sex. It'd be way too controlling for me.
I don't get get what the big deal is with her sister texting her about seeing her ex. So what? If I saw one of my sister's ex partners around I'd mention it.


I think you should trust her a little more. He sent her a suggestive text twice and she didn't reply. That tells me that she just wants to be friends, but didn't want to reply to it because she felt awkward. She obviously has feelings for him (as a friend) and you can't expect her to just stop talking to him because you're paranoid. No wonder she's texting him behind your back, I'd probably have a nervous expression on my face too if you stole my phone and made a huge fuss about some trivial messages. I don't think it means anything at all that he put a couple of kisses at the end of a text, I do that in every text, to every friend I have... It doesn't mean anything. You're looking into it WAY too much.

You obviously don't trust eachother, and if you're like this at a few months into a relationship, I don't think you have many happy years ahead of you. I'm sorry, but if you don't get over this it's not going to work out long term.

You need trust in a relationship and you can't control who your partner talks to. It's crazy.

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