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Well just thought i'd let everyone know that i'm being "set up" with a friend of a couple that i know. They said to me the other day oh we know someone that you might be interested in, he's really nice and really funny. SO i said ok sure why not.Only thing is he now knows that we're being set up..they've told him all about me.
I told my friend the other day i'm not looking for anythig serious or even a relationship but sure if something happens i wouldn't rule it out. they both looked at each other and said thats exactly what he said.
SO its this sat, but its gonna be at there house warming so there will be loads of other people there to. But its gonna be i think a lil awkward,cos we both know that we're being set up. but i'm looking forward to it.. ya never know it all might turn out brilliant!!!! but i'm gonna be nervous..
Well best of luck, I'd be so nervous though, especially at the public aspect of it. Ah well, at least if he's an ogre you wont be stuck staring at him alone all candlelight and roses across a restaurant table, lol! Let us know how you got on.
I'm looking forward to it really. Yeah and its very public and i've made a signal to my friend if i dont like him they won't try to erm help it along....Haven't done this in a long time, i've been so rapped up in my ex for the last 6 years. but i'm a 22 year old girl and have to get out there, and yes if he's an orge(god please let him be cute) well at least i tried..i'd usually shy away from things like that. now i have to decide what to wear. ITs a house warming so i'm gonna wear a nice pair of jeans,boots and pick from an array of tops that are kinda dressy but really causal dressy!!!!
Any should i play thins like if i do actually like him, as i've said its been a while!!! i feel like a kid.
Oh wow it is nice to hear something exiziting for a change:)

Just go along with an open mind, try not to build your hopes up too much, and you never know you may just be pleasantly surprised.

Really good luck, when is it??
ITs this sat.SO i'm gonna get there early before him so that i won't have to walk in and everyone be there..i'll be less nervous.. ah i'm looking forward to it and yeah i hope i will be pleasently surprised. I need some good(man) luck for a change..
[QUOTE=emma j]ITs this sat.SO i'm gonna get there early before him so that i won't have to walk in and everyone be there..i'll be less nervous.. ah i'm looking forward to it and yeah i hope i will be pleasently surprised. I need some good(man) luck for a change..[/QUOTE]

Yeah thats a good plan.

I think blind dates are more fun, you never know what will happen.

The outfit you suggested sounds a good choice, not to over the top to scare him off, but nice and trendy.

Have your freinds told you much about him?
oh god yeah i've just realised it is a bit of a blind date.. its mad awkward cos we both know about it whereas i thought that it was just me that knew there might be this person u may find interesting...

All they've told me is that he's a really really nice guy and my girl friend said that he's the funniest person she's ever met..i asked the cruicial question,is he cute,now looks are certinetly not everything to me, but i had to ask she said yeah he's cute and that he was up the other day and she said yeah he's cute..I have a thing about hair(don't ask!!)and i said whats it like and she said erm..its not really short but not long but the other day he had it all spiked in the middle like a mohawk..i was like i could go with that..and he doesn't smoke which is another bonus..they've told him about me,that i'm a really nice girl, i'm a friend of the girl but am now a friend of the fiancee of that girl, and he said yeah she sounds nice....oh i'm excited now..have to wait so long though!!!!
Yeah but looks do help though:)

I was set up exactely the same way a few years ago now, by a girl I worked with, her boyfriends mate was single and me also, so they talked to him about me and vice versa.

I kept pestering her at work asking questions etc etc. She didn't really know my type of guy, but when we met, wow lets just say he was def my type.

We went out for a few months, but I was young at the time, and things didn't continue. But I will never forget that first meeting, really exziting.

Well he is cute, and he has hair, thats a good start. lol

Anyway I have to go to bed now, as it is very late here in the UK.

Saturday will be here before you know it, just think you may have a man for xmas;)
i'm in ireland so i should equally go to bed... i'll keep ya posted..
Just wishing you luck for tomorrow night Emma.

Hope it goes well;)
I'm excited for you! Just go into it with an open mind. The whole group setting/housewarming party is a good thing too I think. I also think what your wearing is right on, not too dressy but, still enough to look hot. Just be confident and keep an open mind. If you like him, remember eye contact can go a long way.

wow, that was the worst night of my life and not because of the guy i was being set up with..(i actually liked someone else) i'm actually shaking right now. A HUGH fight broke out...i'll come back on tomorrow and post..
You have me intrigued, what actually happened then?

I am assuming if you liked someone else there, then the blind date wasn't a great success?:confused:
Well the blind date was erm,lets just say not my type. he liked me but i wasn't into him.There was another fella there though that i like and he liked me and it was like we where 16 or something the fella who was having the house warming grabed the two of us and threw us outside and locked the door so that we'd be alone. but i was just way way to embarressed to even talk to the guy. i told him i'm really sorry but i don't like being pushed into things i told the girl that i just wanted to see how it goes.he said yeah i'm the same. so we went back inside and i told him hey i'll tell them we had sex, just trying to make a joke he laughed so all was good...
Then the guy and girl having the party had a massive massive arument in front of us all and he ended up trashing the place, something i've never seen before, i just don't hang around with people like that at all. so he trashed hte place and well things kinda just ended there. i've never been so scared..
So we where leaving and i could hear someone call my name..the guy who i liked and when i looked he wasn't lookingat i just left it at that. we're both shy. but yesterday i ended up getting his number and just txted him saying i was really sorry about the other night i was just really shy. so we started txting and we're gonna arrange to meet up..
so thats that..

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