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Should i leave??
Dec 13, 2006
Well i have a son who will be 5 months old next boyfriend really has me at my wits end and does NOT understand why!..we dont live together..i dont want to live with him because i know it wont work and his friends are always at his house drinking and 1) i dont want my son around all that and 2) me and most of his friends dont get along...but he works tues-fri night shift so i understand he cant really help with the baby but the rest of the week he has off, he doesnt care to see the baby and wont take him for even a few hours..he wants to hang out with "me" but doesnt act like he cares about our son..and he wants to hang out at like 9 pm and im in bed at like 10 because brayden(the baby) is up between 4:30-6 up once or twice through the night..he gets so mad at me that i wont hang out with him late at night or that i cant stay up late..he just has NO idea what its like to take care of a baby..ive told him he really needs to grow up and he gets so mad but says he will change..but he never does...hes not very nice to me, but better than he used to be,..but i cant work because there is no one to watch brayden..i do it all on my own..a lot of day cares wont take kids until they are a little older so i have to stay home with him and make 340/month for support and have to buy formula(i have wic but it doesnt cover it all) and diapers and food, oatmeal..whatever he needs..the money goes fast and he makes 2000 a month and blows it all on cd's and beer and whatever he wants..doesnt buy brayden anything..and it makes me mad that on his days off he drinks beer every night and plays video games til 5am and has fun with his friends..i NEVER get a night out with my friends..ive told him how i feel about all this SEVERAL times...but he gets mad and then calls me an hour later and expects me to be over it...he will just be like "ru still mad at me" and if i am (which i obviously am) he throws a little hissy fit..i have no idea how to get it through to him or what to do...should i just not be with him or what?..any advice or suggestions would be so wonderful! Thanks a bunch!!:)

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