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No offense, but how do you know your ex misses you at least a little? You said you won't respond to your calls or letters, so it sounds more like you hope she misses you. Well, if she did miss you and want to be with you she would have responded to you. You hurt her, so chances are she is going to find a person who won't do that to her. She said that if you would go to rehab she would think about giving you another chance because she was hoping to push you into getting the help you obviously know you needed. She was being kind, but I don't think you have another chance with her.

I'm glad you haven't had another drink since your "incident" with your ex. Hopefully you will remember how your drinking cost you something you truly loved and will never let that happen again.

You do need to put an end to it with this other girl. You are not doing her any favors being with her out of pitty. She obviously has some issues too, and they won't work themselves out being in a relationship with a guy who doesn't reciprocate (sp) her feelings.

Take the opportunity to be alone for a while and make sure you have your own issues resolved. You will never be able to give yourself totally to any woman until you learn to love yourself. Get to know who you are without drinking. Work on all of the positive things you have to offer. When you are in a good place you will find the right woman for you. Neither one of these girls are her.

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