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This guy isn't as wonderful as you think he is. He gets to have a relationship with his girlfriend and sleep with you at the same time. I doubt he cares at all about your feelings or his girlfriends. He is completely consumed with his own selfishness. If he is having issues sexually then he should be talking to his girlfriend about it, not turning to someone else for it.

I know you're in a tough spot. You think of him as a great friend, and now you have this amazing chemistry and you think "he must feel what I feel". But he most likely doesn't, and I'm sorry to say that.

Please, take a step back and look at this objectively. How would you feel if you were the girlfriend who knew nothing while this seemingly wonderful man was sleeping with another woman? I know you wouldn't feel good. I think you would be pretty angry and hurt. That is why you feel that what you are doing is wrong. Sure, it feels good at the time, but you are the one left with this empty feeling and wondering if one day it will be something more.

If this guy will do this to his girlfriend it's a pretty good bet he will do this to any other woman he gets involved with. My ex-husband cheated on me with too many women to count. He cheated on his girlfriend after me. I found out after the divorce from a friend of his I was the "other" woman for a while until he broke it off with his then girlfriend. He just didn't have it in him to be faithful. Some people (men and women alike) are just like that.

I hope you are able to put a stop to it with this guy. You deserve a man who returns your affections. You deserve to be the one and only woman.

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