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[QUOTE=mymusiclife]she tells me no...and I believe her but I just dont know..[/QUOTE]

It sounds to me like you really don't believe her, and understandably so. When someone cheats on you, it's extremely hard to be able to get to the point where you really trust them again. It does sound like you are trying to trust and believe in your girlfriend again.

I agree with Jen- cheating on the person you are supposed to be in a commited relationship with is a horrible thing to do. My first and EX husband cheated on me and like I said, he is now my EX. Yeah, I did forgive him, but only after I left him. Sorry, but I just couldn't trust him ever again. Granted, there were other issues with abuse and such, but that is totally off subject.

Either way, only you know what you can and can't accept, but in my opinion, if I can't trust someone and know in my heart that they are 100% faithful to me, then I can not be in a relationship with them- period.

I think it's great that you are trying to move past her betrayal and are trying to make this work. I know I wouldn't be able to. Is your girlfriend doing everything in her power to make it up to you, or is she still doing things that make you not really trust her when she tells you she isn't cheating? I also have to ask how you found out she cheated? Did she come clean because of guilt, or was she caught by you or someone else? I mean, if she came to you herself and came clean, then maybe she really is truly sorry for betraying you and realized what she did was wrong and she wants to make a clean start and regain your trust?

Please keep us posted...Take care.
I really have to give you credit for trying to make your relationship work. I have never been able to get past infidelity. My ex-husband's indescretions (sp?) still haunt my relationship with my husband today!

I have to agree with Jen. It sounds like she only told you the truth because she got caught which would have me automatically wondering how many other times it happened. I hope she is working very hard to make this up to you and to get you to trust her again. But if she isn't, I would have to say she isn't worth it.

Being single can be a wonderful thing. It is totally cliche to say you need to love yourself before you love someone else, but it works in your case. Love yourself enough to know that you deserve a woman who wouldn't betray you and your trust. Love yourself enough not to settle for whatever bs she is feeding you. Once you realize that you are worth more than you are getting right now you will find the right girl.

Sorry if I am all "dump her", but in my past relationships I've never met a cheater who stopped cheating. Maybe I'm wrong about your girlfriend, I don't know. I just find the whole way you caught her very suspect!
I've had a couple of bf's cheat on me, and it's turned into a major dealbreaker for me. If I am with someone and they cheat, then that's it, it's over, they're gone. I don't tolerate that kind of behavior anymore. I realized that I deserve better than to ever be with someone who would do something so hurtful and disloyal.

And guess what? You deserve better, too. I think it's really important for people to be a lot more swift with their decisions after someone cheats on them. People keep letting it slide and think it won't happen again. But from my past experience, I can tell you that a cheater will never change. They can't, they're stupid. So I personally think you're wasting your time with this one. Dump her now because she's seriously not worth your time.

And if this ever happens again (which I really hope it doesn't for you), then you need to ditch the person immediately. You can't stay in that relationship because cheaters don't deserve to be in relationships with people who stay loyal to them. They just don't deserve such nice people to date them. They deserve someone who will cheat right back on them. But we're better people, so we would rather break up with them than sink to their pond scum level and do that to them. We're the better people, that's why.

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