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Hey all! Great forum!

I've been married almost 12 years now and have a wonderful wife and two beautiful daughters ages 4 and 7.

My wife and I have a great sex life. We've been spicing things up a bit over the past year and a half or so...things like watching porn...massages...other ways of pleasing one another. I'm very attentive and she seems to enjoy flirting with me and eventually (after the kids are squared away) enjoying the results of our flirtations.

I have an issue now that's REALLY bothering me. Any comments would be most welcome.

I go to a local bar for happy hours, etc. and my wife and I have a date night once a week and we frequently go there together as well. We both know a lot of people at this place and we love it. Earlier this month my wife stopped by this place after a happy hour in her honor when she left her current job. I called her at midnight and she was at a friend's house (also married) and said she was coming right home. When she got home I asked how the happy hour went and she told me that it ended a little early for her tastes (8:30PM or so) so she stopped by our local bar for a bit then went over to her friend's house. It seemed ok to me although I thought it was odd that she went by herself - even though I've done it on occassion myself.

The long and short of it is this, I felt funny about things the next morning so I looked at her cell phone activity on-line from the night before (something I have never done even though I could always do so because the cell phones are under my name and I pay the bills through my company). I saw her calling some friends after the happy hour was around 8:30PM or so...then I saw an incoming call for 6 seconds from a strange number...and then another call at 9:15PM from the friend who she visited. My friends at the bar saw her there and even mentioned (though I didn't ask) that she left to hang out with her pal - just the way she said. I feel ashamed to have done so, but I looked the number up and it was a guy that I don't get along too well with at the bar (he's really the only guy there I don't know and love well among DOZENS of people). He's not attractive by all accounts, but the negative relationship I have with him got my suspicions up - really about him more than my wife. In a roundabout way, I asked my wife if she had seen him there and she said she had...and spoke with him briefly. I said it concerned me because he and I don't get along and I think he has a thing for her. At that point she volunteered that he hit on her and she told him it was a ridiculous conversation because she is happily married. I didn't tell her that I knew about the cell phone call. I DID ask her if she gave him her number and she has repeatedly denied it. Things have been fine since then and she hasn't acted suspicious at all...I feel even worse for being suspicious because she hasn't seemed evasive or less than honest in any way! Also, we have continued to be very intimate and close since then. We even were intimate that very night after she got home!

Should I be concerned that she won't fess up to the phone issue? She gets calls from guys all the time from work and other friends and I know she's always a straight shooter but this one has me concerned - particularly since she won't admit he has her number. There is always a chance that he heard her giving her number out or something wacky but for it to show up in the logs it has to be answered. I really don't think there is anything serious afoot, but I'm absolutely racked about this. I'd hate to have to admit that I looked at her calls log for that night...but I have to know what's going on!

I THINK I could just let it slide...but at this moment I don't really want to.



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