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Hey all, thought I would get some feedback from people who don't know me or my boyfriend.
Let me give a brief history....

I met this guy thru his brother who I knew and we started talking on *******, then on the phone, and eventually started hanging out. We became quite serious over the summer (we've been together since late april) and he was staying with me everynight anyway, so we decided that he should move in. The problem I am having is that he is being dishonest. I don't mean to do it, but I can't help it, and I check his phone. Well, in August he was getting texts from a girl he went to highschool with that were flirty and asking him to hang out alot. Well, I asked him about it, and he said they were just friends and that was the end of it.... Then in October, it was his friend's bday, so he said he was going to go out with his brother and some friends. I agree that he should spend time with his friend and he leaves at about 7:45pm. At about 11 that night he comes home and says that his brother and himself were at some bar and asked if I wanted to go to his brother's for an after party. It was my week off for vacation, so I agreed. We went there, and his brother was asking where he was all night.... come to find out after 5!!! lies later, *and I had to go thru his phone and show him the text he sent to his brother* he was with some girl and her friends, but he didn't want to tell me b/c he knew I'd be mad. Then a few weeks later... whammo.... I'm pregnant!!

Okay, everything is all good, so I thought... I have his password to *******, and who wouldn't check that right? I find messages he is sending to some girl asking her to hang out and they can "meet in private" when she advises him he has a girlfriend he states "she doesn't have to know" and of course I shouldn't be reading that, but I guess I'm crazy, and have trust issues, but I make up an elaborate story about how I came to know this info and he stopped talking to her. Then about a month ago, his brother brings this girl to our friend's house to hang out, and everyone is drinking beer, but she brings 3 bottles of liquor.... and drinks them by herself with a bunch of guys..... never understood that, but anyway, his brother hates me now and introduces me as "that hooker my brother picked up" so i just ignore him and introduce myself. Well, she's older than me by about 4 year and my boyfriend 7... (I'm 25, he's 22) and eventually they left. Well, I checked his mail one day and found a message saying "I had fun hanging out the other night, we need to do it again" And his replies back to her, saying they should and start talking about maybe needing to hook up and she is willing, just saying "what about your girlfriend and baby" and he said "she doesnt need to know." well that night he got home and i asked him if he really wanted to be with me, he swears up and down that he does, but i advised him that he doesnt have to stay if he doesn't want to. He insisted that he loves me and never wants to leave me, but last night I find more messages and this one included her number (which i wrote down!) and they are making plans to hang out sometime this week. he goes out alot and we used to go together but now that i'm preggo, i just dont feel up to it most the time and dont want to be around all that smoke, but he still goes out and sees no problems in it.

I am not sure what I should do. I love him very much, don't trust him *which comes from past relationships* but would do anything for him. He says he feels the same and wants to marry me *I'm the one that doesn't* but how can I get over this, or what should I do? I'm just tired of him sneaking around, and I know you shouldn't go looking for things b/c you'll prolly find something you didn't want to, but these aren't the only incidents, but the ones that pertain to this situation. I think I could write a novel about everything, but I can't stand the thought of him being with someone else when I'm carrying his child. Any advice??

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