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i've had enough of relationships and trying to move on and try find someone cos that someone is just never going to come along.. its just the same cycle.. i like someone but they don't like me back and the ones that do like me back are to complicated to have anything and the others i don't feel anything..
This has all just happened really after a night out last night.. a guy turned up who i used to hang around with when i reckon we where 9 or ten.. we where bf and gf..very very innocent it was more like best we didn't even kiss cos i was to shy..anyways back down i was crazy about him and we just kinda drifted apart. then 12 years later he turns up at a night out with a girl out of my class and i suddenly realised that i was still 12 years later totally and utterly crazy about just kinda hit me and feels like its the final straw.
I really really liked a guy in work but he didn't like me back, liked another guy but he was my ex good good mate and he likes me back but its just to complicated, like another guy who flirts with me but he has a gf and then the one that does like me i don't feel that connection with like i did the others.

I just feel like whats the point anymore. I woke up this morning and realise that i has 2 dreams last night about the guy who turned up..who would have thought 12 years later i wud be like wow i still really like you and its nt even like its i'm crazy about him, but seeing my friend and well i also can't see that working. we spoke and he has trust issues after his ex cheating and the girl h'es seeing is wild. i told him about me and he kept saying the guys should be falling around your feet you look so sexy tonight.I wanted to just hop on i dunno what to do then..i was thinking in afew months if they weren't together i just tell him look i realised i'm still crazy about you and then i wud feel so so much better even if nothing happened.

anyway i'm rambling now, just feeling really down and just fed up..

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