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I have to tell you...don't ever give up on love. It is out there believe it or not. The right person is there...probably right in front of your face but you would never know it if you never take a chance. I was on the verge of totally giving up on finding love. I had been married three times, cheated on by all three, divorced all three of them and then I had found of which lived with another woman and lied out his teeth to me that he was leaving her and moving out. What a crock! Since I didn't believe true love existed I didn't go out looking for it. I met men who simply wanted a no-strings relationship..just sex.

Then it happened to me. I was contemplating on whether or not to go out dancing with my best friend and having a few drinks. Decided to go cuz we needed a night out to unwind. I met a guy who played guitar and sang in the band at the club we went to. I never considered myself a looker and I thought he was very attractive but never said as much. I figured there was just no way a guy like him would even be interested in me. We talked during his breaks but he sat down with all of us..not just me and chatted. I couldn't keep my eyes off of him but I was trying hard to be discreet so I wouldn't embarrass myself. My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed the music they played and danced all night long. At the end of the evening she asked him where they were playing next and he handed all of us his band card. I was designated to email him to find out new gig dates and so I did the very next day. He emailed me a few weeks later and somehow, I don't remember what or how it started, but we started emailing each other. I got up the nerve to find out if he was married or single. He was a widower (his wife passed away at the young age of 47) and it had been just a little over a year. We continued writing to each other for over a month and then finally one day he asked if I would like to go the carousel with him and his grandson. There is a beautiful old carousel located at the Bushnell Park in Hartford, CT. He came to pick me up and we all went to Hartford and the minute he opened my car door for me and held my hand we were both falling for each other. I knew it sure as I am sitting here writing right now that there was a chemistry there between us. We have been together now seven months on the 27th and its still going strong. Every day our love grows stronger and stronger and I love him more and more. We don't fight or argue. Fighting and arguing is a huge waste of time and energy. Time is better spent learning and exploring each other and finding out what each other likes or doesn't like, loving each other, making love and doing things together that each one of us likes. Love is a special gift and we thank God above for bringing us together. I never thought it possible that I would find love...I remember many nights laying in my bed alone staring at the ceiling and crying and wondering what was so wrong with me that I couldn't find anyone who could love me for me. I had so much love within me to give to someone and at that point I had no one. Fate plays a huge role in everything we do. Its either meant to be or it isn't. If you don't take a chance you will never, ever know. If I hadn't gone that night, if I hadn't taken the chance to find out about him I would still be sitting home night all alone and not in the arms of a wonderful man I love dearly.

So everyone...take a chance. The love of your life may be right in front of you but you will never know for sure unless you try. :angel:

p.s. Believe it or not but guys have insecurities too. Since he is 57 now (56 when I met him) he didn't think any woman would be interested in a guy his age. He never thought he was attractive either. So it goes to show never know. I think he is the best looking guy I have ever met and he thinks I'm beautiful. We are good for each other and I love everything about him. I love watching him play at his gigs and seeing the passion he displays while playing his music. Its absolutely awesome! He is the guy I had only envisioned in my dreams. He IS the man of my dreams.

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