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do you go to the gym? do you wear cologne? how do you fix your hair? What I am getting at is that if you did certain things, like have good hygiene, you will feel good about the way you look. People will respond to you better, and next thing you know---BAM! You've got a lady friend! Guys have much easier than girls. You can get a nice polo shirt and khakis at wal-mart. I'm telling you,: Take a shower. Shave. Brush your teeth. Put some gel in your hair. Pat a little aftershave on your face. Spray your body with a little Aqua di Gio. Put on clean boxers w/ no holes in 'em. Put on matching socks. Put on khaki pants, a white undershirt, and a nice polo shirt. If you have a watch, like a silver, fancy, bulky looking watch (Can also be purchased at wal-mart), put it on, too. Wear a pair of solid colored shoes (black or brown will do fine, whichever matches your top). and last but not least, SMILE:). And you're set. People will be drawn to you. This formula is fail proof.

Don't forget to life weights 2-3x/wk. I am not saying that people have to look a certain way to be loved, I am just saying you sound desperate and rather than give you words about loving yourself inside and out and how girls your age are immature, i'm telling you ACTIONS. Do it. PLEASE. For two weeks. Let us know what happens.

If you get dressed and don't have anywhere to go, or anyone to hang out with, go grocery shopping, walk around the mall as if you are looking for something in particular, etc. Is there a topic you are interested in? Go to the mall/borders/etc. and meander around the bookstore. Girls dig smart guys, or guys who read, guys who have an interest that he can teach her about. Purchase the book, and enjoy the improved you that is getting a life and moving out of your self-pity. If you still don't have any hits, keep trying. Keep goign to the bookstore, or wherever. If you can't afford to buy a book, then just look at the magazines and don't buy one. And don't look at the porno mags, either. It needs to be something else.

You'll see. Trust me on this.

(I have a very close friend who every guy she has dated fits this description. And every single one of these guys is chock full of flaws---some have been mean to her, too quiet, INCREDIBLY overweight, etc.)Act like you are a catch, and someone will want to hang on!

And don't worry about being inexperienced. I have never met a female who resented a guy for being inexperienced. In fact, they have prefered it. You have a good thing going for you. Be careful with it.

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