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All of my life I have felt sub-standard to what other guys look like in their appearance. I will be blunt:

1. I am short for a guy (5'6"), where most guys are 5'9" or more.
2. I'm light complected, where as guys are supposed to be tan.
3. I started loosing my hair when I was in my late teens/early 20's, now I'm pretty bald, my head shines because of it, and I have bad complexion due to the oils that are constantly being produced, where as the attractive guys have full head of hair.
4. I have too many moles, rather than no "skin flaws".
5. I have too much body hair, including on my shoulders and back, where as guys that are "hot" are basically hairless.
6. I have reverse racoon eyes, meaning the skin around my eyes is lighter colored than the rest of my face, making it look like I got sun on my face while wearing sunglasses.
7. My ears are not level. One is lower than the other, rather than at the same level.
8. My teeth are crooked rather than nice straight teeth.

Shall I go on?

I have no idea if I'll ever "find someone and be married to them for years". Life MAY be just that way for you, and you may always want to find someone. You shouldn't stop looking, or give up that hope, but you should learn to live your life as if you WILL REMAIN single for the rest of your life. What that means is enjoying life anyway. Hobbies, friends, family, . . . and make the best of it.

To be honest, you're ONLY 18 years old. If, in 20 years, you come back to this site with the same story, then I would understand much better, . . . . .but probably give the same advice. 18 years of life is not that much. You may go to college, work towards your major, achieve it, go on to a good job, . . . then be amazed by girls taking an interest in you.

I've heard it said by many women, including those on here. . . . . women are attracted to confidence. They must have some sort of 6th sense that detects "lack of confidence". The best confidence is when you don't NEED to have a girl in your life to have a fulfilling life.

I'm almost 39 and am single. I may be for the rest of my life, but I will make the best of my life!

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