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Hi Jen,

I most certainly do believe in fate. Fate played a huge role in my meeting my wonderful guy. Everything happens for a reason..I truly believe that. I moved from Ohio to South Carolina then to Connecticut. I was married and divorced three times and had relationships off and on but none seemed right. One night about nine months ago I was debating whether or not to go out with my girlfriend and a little voice told me to go. So I did. He was playing in a band at the club we went to. I thought he was good looking and kept checking him out. The end of the night we got his band card so we could see them play again and give us a chance to go dancing again. I wrote him but still not thinking anything about it. Got their gig dates and left it at that. One day I was sitting on my sofa with the laptop and I was debating whether to write him again or not. My little voice was talking to me...go for it..what have you got to lose..right? So I wrote him...thinking I am going to embarrass the hell out of myself and be rejected but I took a chance. I told him I felt he was extremely attractive and asked if he was single or married. The response I got back was not at all what I was positive. He was very open about himself and told me all about himself. Over the course of a month I learned he was a widower, he was 56 years old, he loved his music, his daughter and his grandson. The first man to really ever just open up and let me in and talk to me. I found out that I was not the only one who laid in bed nights crying and wondering why I couldn't find someone to love and who would love me. I am not the only one who felt too old or not attractive enough. He felt the same way. A friend of his in MA has some special abilities...ones we cannot possibly comprehend. She was talking to him one day and told him he would meet someone very special and he would not be alone very soon. This was a few months before we met. He thought..yeh right. She knew my name too before we even met but wouldn't tell him yet because she didn't want him looking at every woman by my name and wondering if she was the one. After we met he called her and she said to him " are things going now these days?" with a very knowing sound to her voice. He told her he had met someone and it was then she told him my name. Before he even had a chance to tell her. Freaky huh? She had been hearing the song "Sherry" over and over in her head and she said "why am I hearing this damned song..I hate it but it keeps playing in my head". She figured out why and kept it to herself until she heard from him that he had met me. When she came out with my name he nearly freaked He was shocked to say the least but now he believes it when she tells him something. I met her too and she looked at me and says "you cut your hair". Which I had a week before we went down to see them. Now mind you I had never met this girl before in my life.

So..yes...I believe totally in fate and things happening by the hand of God. I believe he has his hand in all of this. My guardian angel or spirit guide or whoever it is that talks to me.

To answer your don't talk a lot about marriage. The one time I did I was not exactly happy with what I heard about the subject so I don't bring it up anymore. He knew I was hurt or not happy with it but it was how he felt at the time so I just dropped it. If and when he is ready it will happen. If not then I best be happy with what I have right here and right now. To have him with me for the rest of my life is all I can ask for and that is what is most important anyways.

Thanks for the great advice though...I appreciate the response.

Have a great Christmas! Happy New Year too! :angel:

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