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Re: Do you love me?
Dec 29, 2006
[QUOTE=jennyinwi]If your boyfriend is anything like mine, he probably has a one track mind. Is there anything else going on his life like work or school? Anything huge happening to him that might take his focus off of you? Guys typically only have the ability to focus on one thing at a time. Maybe the relationship isn't at the top of his priorities right now (That is NOT necessarily a bad thing!) Just don't smother him. Tell him he can have space because maybe he has things going on that don't have anything to do with your relationship. Don't take it personally just let him breathe. Tell him that you will talk to him this weekend, dont give him a time or day. Who knows maybe he will call you. Just don't chase him which I know is hard when it seems like they are mad or confused. But give him this time to be alone or with his friends. Let him miss you. Trust me it won't hurt anything but only help the situation.


Yeah, he can have a one track mind. As I mentioned before, the past month or so had been very difficult because he had exams. During the past 6 weeks, I have given him all he has asked for: time and space. He has always called me. He has always sorted out meeting up. I have left everything up to him because I know that is what he would want.
But after 6 weeks, to hear him say he isnt comfortable. To hear him say he could be happier. All the blame. It is starting to sink in. I dont want this in my life. What the hell have i been waiting for? Certainly not to hear this ********. Certainly not!!!!
Im starting to think maybe he just doesnt want a serious relationship. Maybe this is all getting tooo much for him? I dontknow. I really dont know.
Re: Do you love me?
Dec 29, 2006
[QUOTE=jennyinwi]Exams.. AH the magic word. My boyfriend and I are both in college, along with raising 2 kids. Exam week just ended for both of us and the pressure of school on us is amazing. When he asked you to give him space how often would you call him? You have to be really careful not to push him away. When guys are in their "zone" and they need their space they really need their space. They hate to feel like they are obligated to anything but what they are focussing on. Wow its amazing that I know EXACTLY what you are going through. What you have to decide is if you can deal with this. Him going to school is bettering himself and possibly your future if you plan on being together for a long time. Ask him what his plans are for after school (don't ask now he feels pressured but ask him later) and if he plans on being with you afterwards then what he is putting you through rioght now will benefit you in the future. Be patient and it will be worth it.[/QUOTE]

Well, we use to talk about two- three times a day plus a few messages. I would always leave it to him to call me. always. better for me and for him.
on a normal average day exam- free- he calls me even more.

we dont really talk about the future much. i told him i wasnt happy with him being away and he replied "well what about when i have to go abroad in a years time? what about in two years time when i may be working in a different city? you cant be like this then- this is life" after he graduates, he may be working anywhere in the country.

right now, im fuming. how do i not make him comfortable?? i told this guy i love him. and he claims never to have felt it. "empty words" according to him. how frustrating. at least ive said those words. jenny- i dont know if i can continue like this. i dont think i can.

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