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OK I have posted about this before. I have a boyfriend, this bloke has a girlfriend, that isn't the issue, but the man is driving me crazy and not in a good way. Please be patient, feel free to skim read, but any advice would be great. I don't deal with people issues well!

I just don't get men at all. I have messaged about this before because he let me down in the past. I can forgive once!

OK so this bloke and I, we have a lot in common, he's pleasant and positive, and when we chat he's very charming. We met up for a drink a couple of weeks ago and he missed his train so that he could spend some more time with me and walked me to my car, when we said goodbye he hugged me and told me how much he wanted to see me after xmas blah blah. I have the house to myself this week so when we were chatting I said he could come here with our mutual friend, we could plan the work we all have to get done (a problem shared etc). He was all "yeah yeah that sounds like so much fun I'd love to". He said he had some information that would help me and that we'd have to meet up to share it, which I thought meant he wanted to meet up. I just want to stress that this guy REALLY enthuses about meeting up, saying how much he wants to see me etc.

So. I got a txt from him the day before he was meant to come over, saying he was driving down to the coast and it was a surprise trip to go and see his great uncle, i said thats fine. Im a reasonable person. the food I bought for the three of us can go elsewhere. He said he was back on friday so I made it very clear that he was welcome over on friday, but that he's free to do what he wants, it's fine either way, I will meet up with my bloke instead the option is open.. He was all "no no no i'd love to see you, I haven't seen you for a while it would be so nice to chat in person". I said great. Fab.

anyyyyway I got a txt of him again today saying they were staying an extra evening because the trip down took longer than he thought and said he'd ring me friday afternoon to make plans. Now, this alone is odd. He told me how close he was to his great uncle but he didn't know how long it would take to get there? And it isn't just that, he sounded very cagey about it.So I said, look, i have a feeling u have no intention of coming over, please just be clear so that I can make other plans. He messaged back, very angrily, that there is no way we could meet up and that he would just email me the information instead.

OK I know youre going to say I think too much, but this kind of thing pisses me off when women do it as well. WHY make plans and then pull out? this is the fourth time and I am SO done with it. BUt I don't know whether to talk to him about it, because hes always saying how much he'd love to see me and have a chat because he finds me so 'interesting'. I don't know whether he just likes the control or whether he's just crap at organising his time.

I'm not sure if I have the right to be angry. But that's twice I have got food in and he pulled out last minute. I don't mind if he doesn't want to meet up, but then why would he say he reeeeeally wanted to see me? Just don't ring me!

so I either 1) the next time he says he'd loooove to meet up, be honest and tell him i'm fed up of making plans and having them ruined the night before. Not sure that would go down well because he is pissed off with me already. ooops!
2) give up on the guy altogether because it is driving me INSANE. I'm the kind of person to plan things a month before and I always stick to my plans whether I want to or not, because it is manners!

I'm not sure if the idea of coming to the house threatens him in some way. But we both have partners and out mutual (more his mate to be honest but I like her) friend was coming over, Is the thought of going to a womans house that much of a threat? it's weird. Can men and women not be friends?? the day before he was telling me that one lunctime he'd like to take me for a spin in his new soft top and we could go for lunch together, the next day he acts like I'm a pain in his backside.

My mate thinks hes avoiding me because he fancies me, and he is very complimentary. But I don't buy that because on the one hand we have gone out and talked for ages and had a really lovely time, and if a guy fancies you he wants to see you more, right? especially as he's having problems with his gf at the moment, you'd think he would want to get out the house. ANyway I have made it clear that I am very very very happy with my partner, which I am, so he can't be playing me because he wants something.

Not sure how to do about it. I don't play games. If I like someone, I like spending time with them, if I don't, I don't speak to them. Simple. So whatever this game is, i'm oblivious to what I am meant to do.

Oh my god phew! I feel better already, just having a vent has made me feel better. Cheers for being so patient guys!

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