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As I have read all of these posts, I guess I will play devil's advocate. There was a time I was much like this girl. That doesn't mean I'm a bad person, and that doesn't mean that I didn't protect myself either! Everyone does different things for different reasons. And if it changes the way you feel about her, then you shouldn't be together. My boyfriend knows about my past and he loves me regardless. I dont talk about it, and I dont ask him about his. The only thing we did discuss was getting tested, and we did it together, and both with a clean bill of health. I just think its unfair for labels to be put on women and not men. How many people have you been with? Have you always been honest?? Get over the past and move on, or let her go.

As far as the cheating is concerned.... it was 4!!!! days after you met! Even if you said it was exclusive, how well do you really know that person?? If you have moved on since then, I say keep going, no point in letting her past spoil your future!!!

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